The personal journey of An international group of artists through the utopias that shaped each of them, in Scandinavia, Great Britain and the former Yougoslavia.

UTOPIAS LOST AND FOUND led the audience on a journey through the utopias that shaped and still shapes us: From the era of the post WWII expansive, optimistic, visions for society based on ideas of equality, solidarity and justice, through the focus on individuality and competition in the last couple of decades, to the present day where many has lost faith in that change is even possible.

In a vibrant, experimental universe, that mixed live-music, documentary, physical imagery and object-animation UTOPIAS LOST AND FOUND examined the importance of utopias, for the lives we live, and the world we build. And asked questions like: What happens, when the utopic dream, meets reality? When the utopia you took for granted, ceases to exist? Can we live without the faith in the future and power of change that utopian projects offer? The performance was created by seven performing artists from five different countries in Scandinavia, Great Britain and the former Yugoslavia. Based on the artists own longings, lost ideals, struggles, and dreams for the future. From very different cultural and geographical backgrounds, and through their voices, contrasting images of Europe then and now, where lined up- from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to Scandinavian welfare-models and Brexit.

Credit list:

Performers: Rebekah Caputo, Kathleen Yore, Matko Botić, Matias Hedegård Andersen, Petra Kovačić Pavlina & Igor Vasiljev

Musicians & Composers: Matko Botić, Igor Vasiljev, Kathleen Yore & Matias Hedegård Andersen

Idea & Concept: Petra Berg

Directors: Petra Kovačić Pavlina & Petra Berg

Scenographer & Costumedesigner: Igor Vasiljev

Dramaturges: Matko Botić & Lisbeth Sonne Andersen

Lightdesign: Clementine Waldelius

Productionleader, Builder & executer: Peder Flarup

Assistent: Babette Hejlskov McPhillips

Photo: Anna Marin & Igor Vasiljev

Producer: Gitte Nielsen

By ABER DABEI in co-production with Bora Bora

Premiered: 31st.of August 2019, at Bora Bora, Aarhus & 5th. ofseptember 2019, at Literaturhaus, Cobenhagen 

Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Knud Højgaards Fond, Oticon Fonden, Aarhus Kommune & Københavns Kommune