More and more people are tormented by chronical insomnia. So many, that some scientists deem it an epidemic.

With the music-dramatic performance SØVNLØS (SLEEPLESS), ABER DABAEI baselines insomnia as a phenomenon and examines how a hyperactive, constantly connected modern world penetrates and drives both the individual human psyche and body, as well as the global ecosystem to the brink of collapse

SØVNLØS is staged in a dark, sensory universe with glimpses of icy horror. From a setoff in well-known environments, in the far north, a journey begins into the unknown. With three insomniac women as pathfinders and borderwalkers, the bodies inner continents, the labyrinth of the big city, and the seemingly endlessness of the wilderness are being crisscrossed. Somewhere in the dark, through the unstable filter of insomnia, the contours of a possible transhuman future is drawn- into a free fall between utopia and dystopia.

With insomnia as a magnifying glass, SØVNLØS depicts dissonant relations between the human and nature, the human and society, the human and technology and last but not least between the human and herself. 

The Performance draws on inspiration and sparring from scientific research and insomniacs own experiences

Is to be produced in 22/23

Credit list:

Idea and concept: Petra Berg, Kristian Hverring, Lisbeth Sonne Andersen, Kristian Byskov, Igor Vasiljev

Director: Petra Berg
Composer: Kristian Hverring
Playwriter: Kristian Byskov
Scenograf & videokunstner: Igor Vasiljev
Performers: Lisbeth Sonne Andersen & 2 not yet named Scandinavian performers..

Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune, William Demant Fonden & Koda-Dramatik